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Override Mozilla Firefox Guidance

Randomly implements several essentially unhelpful - yet almost funny - error pages, when a website cannot be reached.

Note: Some pages may contain foul language and/or sound offensive to some people.

Now for Firefox 3.0b2 and up. check AMO or the log below for a 2.0 compatible version.

Version 0.6 (2008-05-10) is out!

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Feel free to contact me about any bug, conflict, comment, suggestion, request etc.


Ver. 0.6 (20080510)
  • Major code alteration to support Firefox 3.0pre
Ver. 0.5 (20080119)
  • Firefox 3 beta support
  • Signed with McCoy to provide secure updates
  • Added 31 "404 Haikus"
  • Added link to Google cache
Ver. 0.4 (20070802)
  • First public release
  • 6 different error pages plus the default one
  • 500 fortunes and 31 motivation quotes
  • Use the pref system
  • Localizable
Still Massively Under Construction beta
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