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Lightning Nightly Updater (Unofficial)

Adds a menu item to Thunderbird's Help toolbar menu, from which you can install the latest nightly build relevant to the version of Thunderbird and the OS you're on. You can also just check if today's build is out and open the corresponding Mozilla's FTP folder.

Note: If you don't often download Lightning nightly builds, or are happy with a simple download link bloating your browser bookmarks, then this extension is essentially useless to you =)

As far as I know, there are 6 different FTP directories for the latest Lightning nightly builds: For each Tb build (branch, trunk) there is one directory for each OS (Lin, Mac, Win). The extension is supposed to detect which OS and Tb build (version 2.* or 3.*) you're using, so you get to the relevant download location!

Version 0.10 (2010-03-15) is out!

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Feel free to contact me about any bug, conflict, comment, suggestion, request etc.


Ver. 0.10 (20100315)
  • Consider TB 3.0.* as unsupported versions, now that latest-comm-1.9.1 is no more.
Ver. 0.10 (20100228)
  • Separated latest-comm-1.9.2 from latest-comm-central-trunk.
Ver. 0.10 (20100110)
  • Fixed backups breakage due to Lightning's new db file
  • German translation (thanks Alexander Kriegisch).
Ver. 0.10 (20100105)
  • Fixed to support Tb3 and its nightlies
  • Experimental Seammonkey support.
Ver. 0.9 (20090618)
  • Fixed to support the FTP's new foldernames.
Ver. 0.9 (20081203)
Ver. 0.9 (20081002)
  • Fixed comm-central/macosx location (thanks Mark)
Ver. 0.9 (20080928)
  • Fixed comm-central/win32 location (thanks Pascal)
Ver. 0.8 (20080928)
  • Download from latest-comm-central instead of latest-trunk
  • Include build ID in backup filename
  • Relaxed the respin detector a little.
Ver. 0.8 (20080824)
  • Implemented optional backup of storage.sdb (thanks Daniel Boelzle for the suggestion)
  • Shredder support.
Ver. 0.7 (20080325)
  • Added support for Solaris Sparc and Solaris X86 because the nightly builds for these operating systems will be switched from experimental/ to nightly/ ASAP
  • No longer default to Linux when the OS is not found among the supported ones. Please let me know if you happened to use the Linux Lightning on another OS
  • Minor changes in the French locale.
Ver. 0.6 (20080322)
  • Added an option to also attempt to download and install the Provider for Google Calendar extension, which is now being built every night in the same directory as Lightning.
Ver. 0.5 (20080209)
  • Feb was spelled Fev and that was affecting version comparison. Would have fixed itself on March 1st anyway =)
Ver. 0.5 (20080207)
  • Removed lightning-wcap support since it's been removed from tree and tinderbox.
Ver. 0.5 (20070928)
  • Extension broke due to changes in site's layout.
Ver. 0.5 (20070827)
  • Fixed a "typo" in the script (replaced an || with an &&)
Ver. 0.5 (20070825)
  • Better handling of unsupported versions of Tb
  • Reworded what the dialog box says when the latest build has already been installed.
Ver. 0.5 (20070817)
  • Now only shows the Install button if either Lighting is not installed or its build date and hour (respin) differ from the one on the FTP
  • Added (back) the option to just open the FTP folder (see settings)
  • Commented out the custom update location in install.rdf
  • Minor code changes.
Ver. 0.4 (20070816)
  • New confirmation dialog, with a button to directly download and install the prefered build!
  • Pref dialog to choose between regular vanilla and wcap flavors
  • Added menu item access key (L)
  • Removed Fx support since Lightning no longer supports Fx. I'm thinking of supporting Seamonkey trunk in future versions though
  • Removed Tb 1.5 support since current Lightning nightlies are supposed to run under Tb versions 2 and up (AFAIK)
  • Removed one menu item and reworded the other one
  • Edited install.rdf (new site and update.rdf urls)
  • Put all globals into an object, which should prevent collisions with other add-ons
Ver. 0.3 (20070328)
  • Extended Fx support to 3.0a4
  • Altered the French locale, with the help of Pascal C. from #frenchmoz
Ver. 0.3 (20070312)
  • Extended Thunderbird support: 1.5-3.0a1
  • Added Firefox support: 1.5-3.0a3
  • Added fr-FR locale
Ver. 0.2 (20070310)
  • Made all strings localizable
Ver. 0.2 (20070309)
  • Corrected one typo in the description and one in a label
Ver. 0.2 (20070308)
  • Added HttpResquest code to retrieve the build date etc.
Ver. 0.1 (20070304)
  • First public release. Only opens the relevant FTP folder in the default browser
Still Massively Under Construction beta
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