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Simple Search-For Extension

Adds a "Search for" item to Thunderbird's context menu, like in Firefox.

Simply select a bit of text, right-click and then click the "Search for..." item. That will open your favorite search engine's result page in the default browser or optionally in Thunderbird itself. Google is used by default, check the options to choose another engine. I had planned to offer a selection of 212435 different search engines, plus a complex engine manager, then I decided to keep it simple :)

In case you want to use a search engine other than the proposed ones, note that the query string will be appended to the base url, so it must end with the query parameter. For example: http://examples.com/search?foo=bar&query=
Otherwise, use the %selection% tag: http://examples.com/search?query=%selection%&foo=bar

The icon was taken from Tb's default theme made by Arvid Axelsson.

Version 0.6 (2010-01-02) is out!

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Feel free to contact me about any bug, conflict, comment, suggestion, request etc.


Ver. 0.6 (20100102)
  • Compatibility fix for Thunderbird 3 context menu
  • Tested in TB 3.0 and the latest 3.1a1pre and 3.2a1pre nightlies.
Ver. 0.6 (20080815)
  • Improved handling of malformed urls
  • Fixed url component encoding
  • Bumped support to Tb version 3.0b1pre
  • Minor cleanup.
Ver. 0.5 (20071013)
  • Added an option to open search pages in new (Thunderbrowse) tabs
  • Added an option to search for a word by double-clicking it
  • Rewrote the function that gets the selected text
  • Minor code changes.
Ver. 0.4 (20070925)
  • Added Urban Dictionary (slang) to the list of examples
  • Now using the "new" pref system.
Ver. 0.3 (20070913)
  • Implemented %selection% tag
  • Added Google Define to the list of examples
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Thunderbrowse to be used although disabled via statusbar
  • Fixed a bug that was causing many unicode chars to be garbled
  • Fixed a bug that was causing plus signs (+) in selection to be used as search symbols
  • Every whitespace should be replaced with +
Ver. 0.2 (20070808)
  • Added an option to show result pages directly in thunderbird rather than in the default browser (requires Thunderbrowse).
Ver. 0.1 (20070806)
  • First public release
Still Massively Under Construction beta
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