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Paste Feed Location

Adds a paste context menu to Thunderbird's feed subscription dialog.

Note: The bug this extension is supposed to fix has actually been fixed. I'd recommend that you upgrade to Tb 2.0.0.x as soon as possible.

It's an extension for Thunderbird 1.5 and up, which attempts to implement the proposed fix for bug 296542: Feed Properties (add subscription) dialog doesn't have a paste context menu. This extension will become obsolete when the bug is resolved fixed and the patch checked in. Keep an eye on Bugzilla =)

Version 0.4 (2006-08-26) is out!

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Version 0.4 (20060826)
Version 0.3 (20060725)
  • Should be fully localizable
  • Added fr-FR locale
Version 0.2 (20060725)
  • Remove some bloat from the script
  • Description should be localizable
  • set maxVersion to 3.0a1 (was 3.0)
Ver. 0.1 (20060629)
  • First release
Still Massively Under Construction beta
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