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Your Weather Pixie in the Status Bar =)

Weatherfoxie adds an icon to the statusbar, which tooltip displays your tailored pixie from weatherpixie.com. To find your pixie's image location:

  1. Visit weatherpixie.com/?page=find and use the form to customize your pixie
  2. Right-click the pixie picture (at the left of the page) and in the context menu click "Copy Image Location"
  3. Right-click the Weatherfoxie icon in Firefox status bar and then click "Settings..."
  4. Right-click the "Pixie's Image Location" textbox and then click "Paste".
The default location is Mountain View, CA. For Mozilla Firefox and up, Thunderbird 1.5 and up, and Sunbird 0.3a1 and up.

Version 0.4 (2007-05-01) is out!

Get it from...
  • Here (recommended as AMO sandbox add-ons can't auto-update)
  • AMO (in sandbox)
Feel free to contact me about any bug, conflict, comment, suggestion, request etc.


To Do (in no particular order yet)
  • Auto-remove the old pixies from the cache
  • Use the new pref system
  • Error handling
  • Use observers somehow
  • Use xpcom somehow
  • Submit to Babelzilla
Ver. 0.4 alpha (20070501)
  • First release on AMO!
  • Will install on Fx 3.0a5 (tested on version 3.0a5pre)
  • Removed an useless file
  • Renamed many global variables in order to prevent conflicts with other extensions
  • Minor fix in the settings script
Ver. 0.3 alpha2 (20070304)
  • Mostly a compatibility release to support the latest versions of Fx (3.0a3), Tb (3.0a1), and Sb (0.6a1)
  • Settings: Removed the spinner because it seemed not to work in the current trunk builds
Ver. 0.3 alpha1 (20060222)
  • Tooltip shouldn't auto-hide after a few seconds
  • Statusbar panel now has the statusbarpanel-iconic class attribute
  • Chrome.manifest tidy up
  • Removed the skin folder
  • Default about box
  • Version number indicates release date (eg. 0.3.yyyymmdd)
  • Bumped maxVersion to 3.0a1 so that this works for trunk builds (Fx/Tb only)
  • Bumped minVersion to as per Bug 318419 (Fx only)
  • Tb: Overlay messenger.xul instead of mailWindowOverlay.xul
  • Tb: Removed panel's insertbefore attribute
  • Fx: Removed tooltip's image default src attribute
  • Settings: Use Regis' Spinner
  • Settings: Use select() to autoselect a textbox by clicking its label (makes location easier to copyamp;paste)
  • Locale: Put stringbundle into stringbundleset
  • Locale: Pixie HTML Page Localization
  • Locale: Minor changes in en-US
  • Locale: fr-FR
Ver. 0.2 alpha (20060128)
  • Corrected a couple of typos in the scripts. Still need testing though =)
  • Notification window with just the pixie in it (off by default)
  • Option to enable/disable auto refresh at startup
  • Merged the 3 extensions (one per supported application) into one
  • Localizable
Ver. 0.1 alpha (20060115)
  • First public test release =)
Still Massively Under Construction beta
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