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The classic BSD game, ported to Mozilla.

Merely several ways to display, popup, copy, paste more than 23k fortunes. There's still some work to do but I prefered uploading it now and updating occasionally.

On Thunderbird: To fortunify about:blank, check the relevant checkbox in fortune's options, then go to Tools>Options>General and uncheck "show the start page in the message area", or put about:blank in the textbox. Show another fortune by double-clicking somewhere in the message preview pane.

Version 0.3 (2007-09-27) is out!

Get it from...
  • Here (recommended as AMO sandbox add-ons can't auto-update)
  • AMO (in sandbox)
Feel free to contact me about any bug, conflict, comment, suggestion, request etc.


Ver. 0.3 (20070927)
  • The fix addressing the strict warning in overlay.js had broken double-click-refresh (Tb)
  • Minor pref dialog fixes.
Ver. 0.3 (20070925)
  • Fixed the strict warning in overlay.js (Tb)
  • Bumped maxVersion to 3.0a9 (fx)
  • Should use HTML entities for <, >, and & in about:blank
  • In some cases about:blank was missing a <div> tag
  • Added id="fortune" to about:blank's div.
Ver. 0.3 (20070917)
  • Fixed a bug related to Thunderbird's about:blank.
Ver. 0.3 (20070910)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some UNUSED folders not to be ignored (thanks to Mossop and the #extdev guys)
  • Moved off/atheism to off/UNUSED/atheism. I've got nothing particular against atheism but there are so many fortunes in there that they were being picked way too often, to the detriment of the other themes. Feel free to move it back via the last tab of fortune's prefs window.
Ver. 0.3 (20070830)
  • Fixed unsupported 1-file folders bug
  • Fixed broken Switch option (win)
  • Fixed broken Db tab (win)
  • Fixed most garbled chars in fortunes (please report to me if you still spot some)
  • Fixed 4 fishy regular expressions
  • Fixed missing UNUSED folder in subfolders.
  • Fixed clicking Reset rebuilding database when not needed
Ver. 0.2 (20070828)
  • Fixed context menu item sometimes appearing when not needed (Fx)
  • Replaced most event listeners with pref observers
  • Uncommented update link in install.rdf
Ver. 0.2 (20070826)
  • First public release. Still an "alpha" though =)
Ver. 0.1 (20070820)
  • Private "proof of concept" build
Still Massively Under Construction beta
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