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about:blank fortune

Outputs a fortune to the about:blank page.

Note: This extension is discontinued and replaced with Fortune.

Every time the empty "about:blank" page opens or refreshes, a fortune cookie is picked among 1000 and shows up. An extension for Firefox 1.5-3.0a7.
Some quotes may contain foul language and/or sound offensive to some people. Should you wish to use a "cleaner" version, please contact me and request one.

Version 0.1 (2007-08-01) is out!

Get it from...
  • Here (recommended as AMO sandbox add-ons can't auto-update)
  • AMO (in sandbox)
Feel free to contact me about any bug, conflict, comment, suggestion, request etc.


Ver. 0.1 (20070801)
  • First version - Public Release
Still Massively Under Construction beta
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